06.08.2018 Поступили новинки пластиковой посуды ТМ "СМЕШАРИКИ"
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31.07.2018 Поступила пластиковая посуда "Маша и Медведь"
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25.07.2018 Поступили стеклянные заварочные чайники
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17.07.2018 Поступили кружки
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11.07.2018 Поступили керамические кружки "Маша и Медведь. Футбол"
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About Company

“MFK-profit Co. LTD” is a wholesale company, a distributor of license products for kids: tableware and placemats.

Product range of the company is about 1,5 thousand SKU.

Our company is a right holder of Trade marks: "Masha and Bear", "DISNEY", "My little Pony", "Transformers", STAR WARS", "Paw Patrol", “SPONGE BOB”, “SMESHARIKI”: glassware, chinaware, plastic tableware and place mats.  Our company is a distributor of Chinese company of opal glassware “CHINBULL”. We are collaborating with Indian and a lot of Chinese producers.
Volume of sale of license products is about 60 %.

Our company supplies to the federal and regional chains: "X5 Retail Group", "Tander", "LENTA", "Familiya", HOFF, "Posuda Centre", "Nevada".


A catalogue of license products here

A catalogue of import products here


E-mail: info@mfk-profit.ru

Tel. +7 495 7863658